Friday, January 30, 2015

Results Of potential Turn or Acceleration Points 30th Jan 2015 S and P 5...


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Here are the results for Friday 30th January 2015
For the potential turn or acceleration points
sent to our subscribers last night

there would have been an unbelievable potential of over 119 points
also as we advised , as there was a lot of times clustered together
quite a few of the times were acceleration points

the algorithm calculates what it sees , that does not
mean you have to take all the times that are calculated

as we have said before these are a timetable or a map
of where the market may turn or accelerate
it is important to confirm or deny an entry using a persons
own indicators

some traders may only want to trade fairly obvious turns
again we say obvious only because you would be
expecting a possible turn as you have a timetable
for them
accelerations can happen from a very quiet sideways market
or also in the middle of a trend up or down where often
it may jump a lot more points in a short space of time

there was a very interesting one at the end of the day today
where there was an outstanding turn signal at 19.34pm GMT
which is 2.34 est New york time , the market dropped over 20 points
before hitting our next point at 20.26 .

At 20.26 as a succesful move was underway you could have either taken
a small turn for gain of 3 points aprox or waited until 2036 10 minutes
later where again there was an obvious turn for another 10 points

either way you would have gained . it is a good example as it shows
just how good our algorithm is at calculating these potential times as
well as the balance points in the market

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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Wensday 28th January Results Of Potential Predicted Turn or Acceleration...


Here are the results of the predicted
turn or acceleration points for
Wensday the 28th of January 2015
For The S & P 500 Emini Futures
sent to our subscribers last night
Today was an another outstanding day
and more examples of just how powerful
our algorithm is.
There was a potential of another massive
89 points today again
if someone was just trading the overnight between
119 am and 1022am there already would have been
over 36 points potential.
again our algorithm caught some great turns and accelerations
today was interesting as it demonstrated how when the market
and your indicators are not showing any obvious turn then the
next point most likely in the most part turns into an acceleration

At 1619pm there was a very obvious turn before another at 1656pm
which then accelerated again at 1711 . Even if you made a mistake at
1711 it would not have made a huge difference as you would have
already gained aprox 12 points but it went up to 16points total

At 1849pm there was a lovely 6pt move which if using stops was
stopped out then but continued down afterwards
There was another good example of a turn turning into an acceleration
when the market made a great turn at 1956pm before it tried to make
a turn up at 2024 offering another turn or acceleration point down
total points here would have been a massive 28pts

if you are looking at a 15 minute chart as well as the 5 minute ones you will
see even clearer how a lot of these times are balance points in the market
where you could if you want use the 15 minute to take even bigger overall
turns or accelerations but it would require bigger stops for sure which is dangerous
. this will take you some practice to learn so best not
to try doing this in live trading to begin with, but watch it for sure.

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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

27th january 2015 results of potential Turn Times S and P 500 Emini Futures


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Here are the results of the predicted
turn or acceleration points for Tuesday 27th Jan 2015
for the S and p 500 Emini Futures
All times given are GMT time.

Again there was a huge potential of 92 points
to be had with these times today using a 2 to 3 point stop

The overnight was very slow to start all the turns
were perfect but the market just ranged up and down 1 point
for the first few hours until about 4 am where it finally
started to move
If someone was trading binary options here they probably would
still have gotten some of these depending on whether it
was a 30 minute or hourly option they were buying

At 402 am there was a very obvious turn setup for
a small plus 2 points before another 3 at 630am 5 minutes early

as the night progressed there was one loss at 1003 am
where it looked like the market was going to turn up but did not
the next few turns were fairly obvious as turns and there would
have been another 36 points minus the 3 loss by 1300pm

The next few are perfect examples of using your indicators to
confirm or deny an entry as there was an acceleration right
at the open as predicted at 1424pm for 6 pts
there was no indication of a turn if you look at
the previous bars as well .
again there was a very obvious turn setup at 1507 for
a great 7 points and again two accelerations for 14 more

the 1722 pm we listed as an acceleration but it could have been
taken as a turn at 1715 as well again your own indicators and
the previous bars would show you this for another 6 points
To end off the day there were another 4 almost perfect turn setups
for another amazing 25 points .
As you can see our algorithm is not just impressive it's amazing,
please remember these are all sent out many hours before the market
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Monday, January 26, 2015

.Monday 26th January Potential Turn Or Acceleration Signal results


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 Hi Here are the results for Monday January 26th 2015
for the potential turn or acceleration points
we sent to our subscribers last night

to make it less complicated for our various
subscribers in different countries worldwide we are now
providing these times as GMT or Greenwich Mean Time
also known as Universal or UTC time.
Most people know how far ahead or behind GMT/UTC time
they are so it avoids confusion.

Well again today it was outstanding yet again
do we claim these work all the time every time
no we don't but using common sense and these times
the potential for making points is in your favour

today from 22 potential turn and acceleration points
2 of them would not have worked out

besides that it was almost perfect almost all
the times were turns which is great for making points
todays potential allowing for stops would have been
a staggering 86 points again

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Please have a good read through the site so
you know what these times are and are not

we hope to see you soon
thank you

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Friday, January 23, 2015

23rd January Signal Results For Emini Futures


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Hi here are the results of the
predicted potential turns or acceleration
points predicted and sent to our subscribers
last night for today Friday jan 23rd 2015
As always the times given here
are Eastern Standard Time

Again today there would have been
a potential of aprox 53 points
the overnight market was quiet early
on but with some nice points gains
before things got volatile around 733 am
we had one stopped out before getting a great
9 points at 8.30am again as expected the market
open was volatile but the algorithm as it did yesterday
had it predicted very well ,
 there was a quick 4 point move before another great
reversal which came early for another 8pts at 10.25
market then again gave a small 2 point move before
another beautiful reversal at 1333 for another 4 points
and then to finish another reversal for 5 points and 6 points
to finish the day.

The algorithm again today was great although some were early
it was easy to see where the market was going to potentially
reverse using our times. All the times today were reversals as opposed
to continuations  .

it's easy to see how the potential turns our algorithm predicts are
so useful know in conjunction with normal indicators .
When the turns come early as we advised you know to expect it so if
the market is going up or down and indicators are suggesting
a turn then you know with a high probability that the market may turn

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Thursday, January 22, 2015

Results Of Potential Turn or Acceleration Alerts 22nd January 2015


 Hi here are the results of
the predicted potential turn
or acceleration times for Thurs 22nd Jan 2015
that were sent to subscribers last night before the
market. As always the times given are Eastern standard time
or New York Time.

Today was a great example of a few things
number 1 how helpful it is to know these times
when the market is volatile and also trading in
a sideways motion .
number 2 how it is important that these are not standalone
indicators of any sort but used with your normal indicators
can be so powerful
number 3 although they performed outstanding not all the times
work all the time but the majority have since their inception.

it is up to you to decide which way the market may turn or accelerate
we just give you potential times .

In the overnight market there were two very good moves early on
then the next time at 3.49am was flat. there were two more good
reversals at 4.48am and 6.49am for a possible 6 pts before the
7.48 time which would have gone against the trader if he or she treated it
as a reversal so - 3 pts .

The next turn times were almost perfect as calculated by our algorithm
9.18 came early and would have given a great 6 points and then
the next two points plus an acceleration point another amazing 31 points

After that just to finish off the algorithm had it nailed again with a lovely 5points
and another great 14 point move to finish.
So overall even with one loss and a very sideways market at times you
can see how amazing these times are to know.
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per day to subscribe. It might not always be that way ! thank you

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Potential Trade Times Results 21st January 2015 Emini Futures


 Hi here are the results
of the predicted potential
turn or acceleration points
we sent to subscribers yesterday

it is unbelievable how much
this market is moving at the moment
again today there would have been a potential
of over 100 points if using stops of between 2 or
3 points , more if stops were bigger

The algorithm gave a lot of times for today
than usual but overall it was an outstanding performance

there were several small little whipshaws where it
would have been possible to scalp 2 or 3 points but
as also as happens some great ones of up to 17 points
again more if a trader allowed the trades to run

One thing you will notice as well if using a 15 minute
chart as an overview is how these points a lot of the time
are at times when the market overall reverses completly after
the intial turn

these potential times are supplied to our subscribers as much
as 24 hours before the market day being calculated

they are not suggestions to trade any stock or future or nor
or they trading advice  but are supplied for entertainment
and educational purposes only.
if the trader decides to use these times it is at his or her own risk
No trades should ever be taken without consulting your own indicators
and confirming or dismissing the possibility of a turn or acceleration time

in saying that if you would like to use this powerful tool or be aware of the potential times
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thank you

20th January 2015 Results Of Signals


 Hi you can subscribe now if you want to receive our potential turn or acceleration points for only a couple of bucks per day.
Hi the main stock market
in New York was closed yesterday
for Martin Luther King Day

Markets can get very strange around holidays
so we do not advise trading futures on those dates
as expected when we sent our potential turn and acceleration
times to our subscibers we advised that today would be
very back and forth with the market trying to find a true

the results for today the 20th of january 2015 would have
having a potential of aprox 46 points based on stops of aprox
2 points and probably more if using bigger stops or just trading binary
options or even spread betting

Remember that these are not stand alone signals or alerts
but just high probabilty times as calculated by our algorithm
where the market may turn or accelerate during the day

the big difference is that now a trader can have a good
idea to expect a turn or acceleration from a sideways market
at a certain time of day and confirm or deny
his entry based on his own indicators as well.

it's also great because if a trader was in a winning trade
he would know to use caution at the next potential time

as always the times are based on New York Eastern time
GMT times are based on bottom of chart.

If you would like to get these times yourself please
subscribe at www dot Win More Trades dot Com
For only a few dollars a day you can get one of the most powerful
tools for your trading toolbox

Friday, January 16, 2015

16th January 2015 more Outstanding Results Today Over 80 Points Potentia...


 Hi Here are the results
of our predicted turn or acceleration times
for the 16th of January 2015

Again an outstanding day for our algorithm
as always a potential of over 80 points
remmeber it would probably be more but we are including
only the potential points based on stops being hit etc

knowing these times that the market may turn
in conjunction with your own indicators is
like having a crystal ball to tell the future

not every turn or acceleration will be great
some are small some big but one thing is you
have plenty of times to choose from

if you don't get one there are lots more
and one of the best things is you can also
choose the times you want to trade

you do not have to trade all day if you don not want to

we give our members not only all these high
probability potential times but
also we give the top 3 or 5 of these during the day
meaning you might just want to trade those and
spend the rest of the day playing golf with family
anything else except having to be a slave to the trading screen

i would recomend opening up your chart and marking these times on it
look at how uncanny the accuracy is with your own indicators

we hope you enjoyed our preview of our amazing algorithm
if you want to get these along with our other members just simply
sign up now.
thank you

Thursday, January 15, 2015

15th January 2015 results of The Potential Turn or Acceleration Points


 Hi here are the results
of the calculated potential
turn or acceleration
times for the 15th january 2015
for the S and P 500 Emini Futures

Times are New York Eastern Standard Time
computer charts are GMT
5 Minute Charts

Well it was another amazing day
for our algorithm
again they was huge moves and our algorithm had them all
mapped out very well.

considering that the overall move
points wise from 2 am US time you can see
just how valuable it is knowing where the turns may be

the potential points today with our times was over
140 points again this would have been more if your stops were bigger
we are assuming a stop of between 2 or 3 points so we are only counting
the points from our turn time to where it may have been stopped out

Today we calculated up those potential points since the 2 nd of January
and the result was outstanding. Since then our algorithm generated
turn or acceleration points would have given a possible 778 points on the Emini

that is unheard of . Now would most people have the guts to go for all those
perhaps not but on average taking the points until a stop may have been hit
a trader would have gotten a lot more than you would normally.

Soon you will only see results here as our subscribers list is growing it
is unfair to provide these for free but they will be availble for you
to subscribe to up to a certain membership quota.
thank you

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Wednesday, January 14, 2015

15th January potential Turn or Acceleration Signals And Alerts for Emini...


 These are the potential turn
or acceleration points
for Thurs 15th january 2015

remember these are provided for your entertainment
and educational purposes only and should not be
traded if you do so it is entirely at your own risk

If you have been following our videos as well
as our blog and our twitter feed you will have
seen just how incredible our algorithm is at
calculating the potential turn times in the market

We will be only providing these times the night before
to subscribers in the future so contact us if you
want to subscribe to them

these can be stunningly accurate especially when used with
your other indicators and of course some common sense

tomorrow and the overnight looks like again it could be big moves
according to the calculations.

the overnight looks especially volatile so if you
were trading it you would be using extreme caution

we will post the results of these predictions tomorrow night

in the meantime do contact us if interested in receiving these times
once we stop posting them here.

thank you

14th January Alerts results For potential Turn or Acceleration Points


 Note that we alerted you last night on our video here as well as on our blog and twitter that the market could be a lot of very straight moves and one sided at the different times today and sure enough thats what happened . Again potential of over 97 points even more if using bigger stops .
Check out the other places we post twitter and our blog
Hi here are the results
of the turn or acceleration times
we posted last night
the results are for the 14th of january 2015

again today over 97 points would have been
possible . Our algorithm was again almost perfect
yet again .

You may notice in all our videos that we only
give the potential points possible up to where
there is a small turn again of over 2 points
if we ignored the small turns inbetween ours it would
be a lot bigger numbers which is amazing

These will only be made avaible soon by subscription only

why share them at all well because we can
and personally after years of purchasing useless junk
that is what made us start developing and researching our own algorithms

Also if you believe in it , it also is good karma to share with others
we trade them ourselves but don't sit at the computer all day anymore
we trade only the times we want these days not all day

but we will charge a modest fee for these fair is fair
used with other indicators these should be an essential
in any traders toolbox
thank you

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

14th January Alerts


 Hi Here are the potential turns
or acceleration points for tomorrow the 14th of January 2015
All times are New York Eastern Standard Time

As always these should not be traded live if you do so
you do so at your own risk as these are provided for your
entertainment and educational purposes only
and should only be used with a demo account

we will be providing these to subscribers only soon
and only posting results here so if interested email us

Our algorithm has issued an alert that is suggesting we
could be in for another big day tomorrow
There is not a lot of turns being projected which
may suggest that the market may be very one sided
tomorrow again and some of the times may be acceleration points
from sideways trading or continuations of the trend

So if someone was live trading extreme caution would be used

the times in the overnight session are 158 am  223 am  419 am
5 am   8am  in the premarket session as well as 813 am 
The day session has very few turns which again suggests big moves
possibly they are  1113 am    1158 am   1351 pm as well as 1442 pm

we will post the results of todays market on the night of the 14th after market close
please do share our videos by the way and let people know what our algorithm
is capable of
thank you