Thursday, February 12, 2015

Emini Futures Potential Turn Times Results 12th feb 2015


 Here are the results for Thursday
12thFebuary 2015 For the Potential
Turn Acceleration Points
For the S and P 500 Emini Futures
today there was a potential of over 79points

bearing in mind that the market range total
was 23 points you can see how helpful it
is to have a timetable of the high probabilty
twists and turns the market makes

we advised all our subscribers that yesterday
was a nr7 day and that a break out of the
narrow range was likely as it did

by 924 am the potential from our
turns or accelerations was over 40 points
by 105pm gmt it was an additional 15

from 1351 right before the open the next 3 turns
had a potential of another 17 points
before ending the day with a few more small
gains at the end of the day for aprox another 7 or 8 points

by the time the market got to the later turns it
definetly seemed it was out of steam .

some traders have asked what if they get the turn
wrong ? Well first of all theres plenty of times
and points to be had and if you use proper stops
and use your indicators it shouldnt happen too often

most turns or accelerations are pretty self explanatory
if there is not a potential turn setup coming up to a time
the market may continue or accelerate for the most part

when a time is approaching usaully a turn setup will be
obvious although sometimes it can happen after only one
bar on a 5 minute chart in a strong trending market

the times are not trading advice and are provided for
your entertainment and educational purposes only
you should always use your own indicators to take a trade or not
and if you decide to trade consult a financial advisor

if you would like to have these potential times sent
to you please go to