Monday, January 26, 2015

.Monday 26th January Potential Turn Or Acceleration Signal results


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 Hi Here are the results for Monday January 26th 2015
for the potential turn or acceleration points
we sent to our subscribers last night

to make it less complicated for our various
subscribers in different countries worldwide we are now
providing these times as GMT or Greenwich Mean Time
also known as Universal or UTC time.
Most people know how far ahead or behind GMT/UTC time
they are so it avoids confusion.

Well again today it was outstanding yet again
do we claim these work all the time every time
no we don't but using common sense and these times
the potential for making points is in your favour

today from 22 potential turn and acceleration points
2 of them would not have worked out

besides that it was almost perfect almost all
the times were turns which is great for making points
todays potential allowing for stops would have been
a staggering 86 points again

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Please have a good read through the site so
you know what these times are and are not

we hope to see you soon
thank you

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