Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Binary Options Signals Report 18th Sept 2013

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Hi welcome to the daily report on the 18th of September for trading the emini futures our signals or alerts can be used for spread betting or as binary options signals as well as being traded normally. Our algos can predict with very good accuracy a map of where the market is likely to go throughout the days trading and are the result of years of research. Today was a great day with over 9 points gained on the emini by some of our subscribers.Pre market we had an indication of an up move or a signal at 4.51am for those of you up early the market then rose to 1701.75 by 5.51am a gain of 2 points a good start we then had 4 signals downwards starting at 7.36am 7.50 ,8am and 8.17 all indicating downwards from a starting price of 1700 the market dropped into the open at 930 am to 1697 even though the market rose slightly it continued to drop down to 1695 at 10.39 where we had an up signal this signal was neutral with no significant gain nor loss our next signal was a down signal at 1130am at 1696 which kept dropping until 1693 we then had another signal upwards at 1210am which eventually rose to 1697 by 1330 a nice gain of aprox 4 points again ,we had another up signal at 1250as well
which only confirmed our up move
Due to the fact that Bernake was doing a big announcement today we didn't recommend any more signals as the market could have gone anywhere and safer to stay out .Why not sign up for our trading signals or
binary options signals We do not bother with a fancy website with false promises we just give accurate market maps for the days trading before the market even opens.
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