Wednesday, February 11, 2015

11th Febuary results for trading Alerts Timetable S and P 500 Emini Futures


 Hi Here are the results
of our predicted turn or acceleration times
for Wensday 11th Febuary 2015
For The S and P 500 Emini Futures

These were sent to our subscribers last night
in advance of the market

Today overall was a very narrow trading range
it is days like this that the algorithm timetable
is a very helful addition to have at your disposal
todays total potential of all the twists and turns was 46points

the overnight was quiet as it has been for a few days with
some small gains, the turn times were good and if using them
for binary options probably would have been good

once the day market in New York opened the timetable
really came into it's own with a quick 2 points and then
a great turn at 1501 for 5 points . later at 1743 there
was a beautiful turn for plus 10 points aprox and another
turn at 1806 for aprox 8 points .

at 1956 it looked like there was a setup for a turn down
but it did not happen so would have been stopped out
for a small loss . at 2043 the turn would have more than made up
for it as it went for a plus 6 points turn

as we have said before do all the times work all the time
no they don not but they have a very high percentage of
accuracy . Also there are enough times predicted that should
change the win loss ratio in your favour overall and better
than trying to trade blind.

these are not a standalone indicator or signals but used
with your own indicators can be very powerful
get them for yourself by signing up at

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