Thursday, January 1, 2015

Emini 500 Potential Turn Times Friday 2nd january 2015

 How useful would it be to know the most likely times where the market may turn intraday? This is what our algorithms try to calculate for you. these can be very useful for binary options and or spread betting.
These are the potential turn times or acceleration times for Friday 2nd january 2015 for the S and P 500 Emini Futures. use 5 minute bars on a seperate chart to best visualize where the market may go combined with your other indicators.
All times are grenwich mean Time. New York Time or EST is - 5 hours .
4.06 am gmt , 5.27 am gmt , 8,27 am gmt , 11,29am gmt ,  14.29 pm gmt , right at market opening uise caution , 17.29 gmt and 18.01 gmt .
These are not investment advice and are provided only for educational and entertainment purposes.

股市   赚钱股市
信号股市  利润
交易信号 交易信號
Gewinn Börse
Signale Börse
des signaux de trading
marché financier
lucratif marché boursier
signaux marché boursier
торговые сигналы
фондовый рынок
прибыль фондового рынка
сигналы фондового рынка
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