Thursday, February 5, 2015

Results for Febuary 5th 2015 Of The Predicted Turn Or Acceleration Point...


 Here are results of the precicted
turn or acceleration points
for Thurs 5th febuary 2015
for the S and P 500 Emini futures

Of 18 potential times today
a massive 16 of them were turns and
2 were accelerations
todays potential points gain was over 88 points
another huge number

As you can see from the slides some were early
and some late but all within the 10 minute window

some people wonder how to determine if it's early or
late and again as we said we are not here to teach
people to trade but it a combination of common
sense and your own indicators.

if the previous few bars or bar has been up or down
and you are expecting a turn or acceleration as you
have our timetable or market map for the day
then you are carefully watching or should be
for any sign of a
turn around those times .

if the obvious signs are there then perhaps
you take the trade and perhaps you don't
you do not have to take every trade

again as we said it combined with the timetable
should a lot of the time be obvious, if it is not
just pass , there are plenty more times and
plenty of trades . using common sense and caution
alone will help keep you on the winning side of
trades a lot more
if you would like to receive these times for yourself
go to and signup now

thank you