Wednesday, January 14, 2015

15th January potential Turn or Acceleration Signals And Alerts for Emini...


 These are the potential turn
or acceleration points
for Thurs 15th january 2015

remember these are provided for your entertainment
and educational purposes only and should not be
traded if you do so it is entirely at your own risk

If you have been following our videos as well
as our blog and our twitter feed you will have
seen just how incredible our algorithm is at
calculating the potential turn times in the market

We will be only providing these times the night before
to subscribers in the future so contact us if you
want to subscribe to them

these can be stunningly accurate especially when used with
your other indicators and of course some common sense

tomorrow and the overnight looks like again it could be big moves
according to the calculations.

the overnight looks especially volatile so if you
were trading it you would be using extreme caution

we will post the results of these predictions tomorrow night

in the meantime do contact us if interested in receiving these times
once we stop posting them here.

thank you