Tuesday, January 13, 2015

14th January Alerts


 Hi Here are the potential turns
or acceleration points for tomorrow the 14th of January 2015
All times are New York Eastern Standard Time

As always these should not be traded live if you do so
you do so at your own risk as these are provided for your
entertainment and educational purposes only
and should only be used with a demo account

we will be providing these to subscribers only soon
and only posting results here so if interested email us

Our algorithm has issued an alert that is suggesting we
could be in for another big day tomorrow
There is not a lot of turns being projected which
may suggest that the market may be very one sided
tomorrow again and some of the times may be acceleration points
from sideways trading or continuations of the trend

So if someone was live trading extreme caution would be used

the times in the overnight session are 158 am  223 am  419 am
5 am   8am  in the premarket session as well as 813 am 
The day session has very few turns which again suggests big moves
possibly they are  1113 am    1158 am   1351 pm as well as 1442 pm

we will post the results of todays market on the night of the 14th after market close
please do share our videos by the way and let people know what our algorithm
is capable of
thank you