Monday, February 9, 2015

Monday 9th febuary 2015 Emini Futures Market Map Results


 Here are the results of the potential
turn or acceleration times for the
S and P 500 Emini Futures for Monday
the 9th Febuary 2015
That we sent to our subscribers last night

Again today there was over 64 points
potential and more to be made from the times

the algorithm predicted the turns and accelerations
very well despite the market  zig zagging back
and forth the times were pretty much spot on

we count anything less than 2 points as flat but
that does not mean it would have been a loss

there were plenty of 2 and 3 point moves today as
well as a couple of 9 point moves and an eight

a lot of the times can go for a lot more points and do
but again we are only listing the points as far as a
2 or 3 point stop .

you might also notice that the turn or acceleration times
are often right at big turns in the market so
its helpful to use 15 minute charts as well for an overview
of the bigger picture

if you would like to get these times for yourself
please go to to signup