Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Potential Trade Times Results 21st January 2015 Emini Futures


 Hi here are the results
of the predicted potential
turn or acceleration points
we sent to subscribers yesterday

it is unbelievable how much
this market is moving at the moment
again today there would have been a potential
of over 100 points if using stops of between 2 or
3 points , more if stops were bigger

The algorithm gave a lot of times for today
than usual but overall it was an outstanding performance

there were several small little whipshaws where it
would have been possible to scalp 2 or 3 points but
as also as happens some great ones of up to 17 points
again more if a trader allowed the trades to run

One thing you will notice as well if using a 15 minute
chart as an overview is how these points a lot of the time
are at times when the market overall reverses completly after
the intial turn

these potential times are supplied to our subscribers as much
as 24 hours before the market day being calculated

they are not suggestions to trade any stock or future or nor
or they trading advice  but are supplied for entertainment
and educational purposes only.
if the trader decides to use these times it is at his or her own risk
No trades should ever be taken without consulting your own indicators
and confirming or dismissing the possibility of a turn or acceleration time

in saying that if you would like to use this powerful tool or be aware of the potential times
then sign up now at
thank you