Friday, February 6, 2015

Friday 6th Feb 2015 Results Of SP 500 Emini Futures Market Map Timetable...


 At the end of another great week
here are the results of the predicted
turn or acceleration times for
Friday th 6th of Febuary 2015
for the S&P Emini Futures

For those who don't know we send
these to our subscribers several hours
before the first time we list and about
12 hours prior to the day market open
in New York at 930 am which is 1430 pm GMT

Our algorithm calculates the potential times
where the market may turn or accelerate
throughout the trading day. It is not a standalone
indicator and traders should always use their
own indicators to co

where it's very powerful is in the fact that it is
like a timetable or market map for the day
you know as a time approaches that according
to the algorithm a turn or acceleration may happen

have a look at the slides for today
the overnight as it has been for a lot of the
week was quiet enough but the times were perfect
with only one early.
As you can see we list some turns as flat that
means no loss or a gain of less than 1 point
we don't list points unless at least 2 points

there was several more great turns of 2 and 3 points
right up until 1301 pm where there was a lovely 9 points
and the rest of the day was on track too with lots more
5 and 6 pts right up until close
total potential points for today was again a massive 83 points
if you would like to receice these times for yourself please
signup now at

nfirm or deny a trade.