Thursday, January 15, 2015

15th January 2015 results of The Potential Turn or Acceleration Points


 Hi here are the results
of the calculated potential
turn or acceleration
times for the 15th january 2015
for the S and P 500 Emini Futures

Times are New York Eastern Standard Time
computer charts are GMT
5 Minute Charts

Well it was another amazing day
for our algorithm
again they was huge moves and our algorithm had them all
mapped out very well.

considering that the overall move
points wise from 2 am US time you can see
just how valuable it is knowing where the turns may be

the potential points today with our times was over
140 points again this would have been more if your stops were bigger
we are assuming a stop of between 2 or 3 points so we are only counting
the points from our turn time to where it may have been stopped out

Today we calculated up those potential points since the 2 nd of January
and the result was outstanding. Since then our algorithm generated
turn or acceleration points would have given a possible 778 points on the Emini

that is unheard of . Now would most people have the guts to go for all those
perhaps not but on average taking the points until a stop may have been hit
a trader would have gotten a lot more than you would normally.

Soon you will only see results here as our subscribers list is growing it
is unfair to provide these for free but they will be availble for you
to subscribe to up to a certain membership quota.
thank you

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