Thursday, January 22, 2015

Results Of Potential Turn or Acceleration Alerts 22nd January 2015


 Hi here are the results of
the predicted potential turn
or acceleration times for Thurs 22nd Jan 2015
that were sent to subscribers last night before the
market. As always the times given are Eastern standard time
or New York Time.

Today was a great example of a few things
number 1 how helpful it is to know these times
when the market is volatile and also trading in
a sideways motion .
number 2 how it is important that these are not standalone
indicators of any sort but used with your normal indicators
can be so powerful
number 3 although they performed outstanding not all the times
work all the time but the majority have since their inception.

it is up to you to decide which way the market may turn or accelerate
we just give you potential times .

In the overnight market there were two very good moves early on
then the next time at 3.49am was flat. there were two more good
reversals at 4.48am and 6.49am for a possible 6 pts before the
7.48 time which would have gone against the trader if he or she treated it
as a reversal so - 3 pts .

The next turn times were almost perfect as calculated by our algorithm
9.18 came early and would have given a great 6 points and then
the next two points plus an acceleration point another amazing 31 points

After that just to finish off the algorithm had it nailed again with a lovely 5points
and another great 14 point move to finish.
So overall even with one loss and a very sideways market at times you
can see how amazing these times are to know.
Why not sign up now at it's only a few dollars
per day to subscribe. It might not always be that way ! thank you