Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Results for Febuary 4th 2015 Of The Predicted Turn Or Acceleration Point...


Here are results of the precicted
turn or acceleration points
for wensday 4th febuary 2015
for the S and P 500 Emini futures

Again today the algorithm was outstanding
there was over 67 points potential today
from the turn and acceleration times
that we sent out last night to subscribers

again the overnight up until about 8 am gmt
was fairly quiet but the turns were perfect
until about 728 am where it was stopped out
after that there were 10 more turns and 1 acceleration
time which would have given a total potential of over 67 points

As you can see as well whether spread betting for points
or trading Binary options a lot of the times can turn
or accelerate for up to 30 minutes and longer at times
so they are usually at very important balance points in the market

the overall timetable of these times basically
is a market map for the emini futures where
in conjunction with your own indicators
can be a very powerful tool set

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thank you

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