Thursday, January 24, 2013

High Frequency Trading Has Changed The Markets

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 High Frequency Trading Has Changed The Markets. Daily report for S&P 500 Emini Futures on the 24th January 2013 . The footage we used here to illustrate how the markets used to work is public domain footage The Big Board 1958 courtesy of the Libary Of Congress Prelinger Archive . for a free trial .The markets are forever changed. In the old days as you can see in the film, orders were phoned by you to your broker and then by them to the trading floor and then negotiated between different floor traders before your buy or sell order took place.
Of course every body on the trading floor knew the amount of buy and sell order flow in the market as they were physically there, making it very easy to manipulate markets.
In todays elctronic markets the orders are sent from your pc through your online trading platform to your broker and then are placed in the stock market. Although this only takes seconds nothing has changed, the big traders who in the old days were on the trading floor listening to orders can now with super fast computer driven robot traders or bots place massive buy and sell orders within milliseconds to move the market any way they want. They can for the most part know beforehand how many orders are placed by the ordinary trader like you. They are very hard to beat as they have the advantage.
What sceeto does is place you in a position where for the first time you can track these trading bots in real time, meaning now it is like you are one of those floor traders as in the olden days. You don't have to beat the bots, follow them with sceeto and trade the direction they trade. Sceeto gives you real time alerts and signals when high frequency trading is going on in the markets. Get a free trial now