Friday, January 30, 2015

Results Of potential Turn or Acceleration Points 30th Jan 2015 S and P 5...


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Here are the results for Friday 30th January 2015
For the potential turn or acceleration points
sent to our subscribers last night

there would have been an unbelievable potential of over 119 points
also as we advised , as there was a lot of times clustered together
quite a few of the times were acceleration points

the algorithm calculates what it sees , that does not
mean you have to take all the times that are calculated

as we have said before these are a timetable or a map
of where the market may turn or accelerate
it is important to confirm or deny an entry using a persons
own indicators

some traders may only want to trade fairly obvious turns
again we say obvious only because you would be
expecting a possible turn as you have a timetable
for them
accelerations can happen from a very quiet sideways market
or also in the middle of a trend up or down where often
it may jump a lot more points in a short space of time

there was a very interesting one at the end of the day today
where there was an outstanding turn signal at 19.34pm GMT
which is 2.34 est New york time , the market dropped over 20 points
before hitting our next point at 20.26 .

At 20.26 as a succesful move was underway you could have either taken
a small turn for gain of 3 points aprox or waited until 2036 10 minutes
later where again there was an obvious turn for another 10 points

either way you would have gained . it is a good example as it shows
just how good our algorithm is at calculating these potential times as
well as the balance points in the market

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