Wednesday, January 21, 2015

20th January 2015 Results Of Signals


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Hi the main stock market
in New York was closed yesterday
for Martin Luther King Day

Markets can get very strange around holidays
so we do not advise trading futures on those dates
as expected when we sent our potential turn and acceleration
times to our subscibers we advised that today would be
very back and forth with the market trying to find a true

the results for today the 20th of january 2015 would have
having a potential of aprox 46 points based on stops of aprox
2 points and probably more if using bigger stops or just trading binary
options or even spread betting

Remember that these are not stand alone signals or alerts
but just high probabilty times as calculated by our algorithm
where the market may turn or accelerate during the day

the big difference is that now a trader can have a good
idea to expect a turn or acceleration from a sideways market
at a certain time of day and confirm or deny
his entry based on his own indicators as well.

it's also great because if a trader was in a winning trade
he would know to use caution at the next potential time

as always the times are based on New York Eastern time
GMT times are based on bottom of chart.

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