Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Wensday 28th January Results Of Potential Predicted Turn or Acceleration...


Here are the results of the predicted
turn or acceleration points for
Wensday the 28th of January 2015
For The S & P 500 Emini Futures
sent to our subscribers last night
Today was an another outstanding day
and more examples of just how powerful
our algorithm is.
There was a potential of another massive
89 points today again
if someone was just trading the overnight between
119 am and 1022am there already would have been
over 36 points potential.
again our algorithm caught some great turns and accelerations
today was interesting as it demonstrated how when the market
and your indicators are not showing any obvious turn then the
next point most likely in the most part turns into an acceleration

At 1619pm there was a very obvious turn before another at 1656pm
which then accelerated again at 1711 . Even if you made a mistake at
1711 it would not have made a huge difference as you would have
already gained aprox 12 points but it went up to 16points total

At 1849pm there was a lovely 6pt move which if using stops was
stopped out then but continued down afterwards
There was another good example of a turn turning into an acceleration
when the market made a great turn at 1956pm before it tried to make
a turn up at 2024 offering another turn or acceleration point down
total points here would have been a massive 28pts

if you are looking at a 15 minute chart as well as the 5 minute ones you will
see even clearer how a lot of these times are balance points in the market
where you could if you want use the 15 minute to take even bigger overall
turns or accelerations but it would require bigger stops for sure which is dangerous
. this will take you some practice to learn so best not
to try doing this in live trading to begin with, but watch it for sure.

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