Friday, January 23, 2015

23rd January Signal Results For Emini Futures


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Hi here are the results of the
predicted potential turns or acceleration
points predicted and sent to our subscribers
last night for today Friday jan 23rd 2015
As always the times given here
are Eastern Standard Time

Again today there would have been
a potential of aprox 53 points
the overnight market was quiet early
on but with some nice points gains
before things got volatile around 733 am
we had one stopped out before getting a great
9 points at 8.30am again as expected the market
open was volatile but the algorithm as it did yesterday
had it predicted very well ,
 there was a quick 4 point move before another great
reversal which came early for another 8pts at 10.25
market then again gave a small 2 point move before
another beautiful reversal at 1333 for another 4 points
and then to finish another reversal for 5 points and 6 points
to finish the day.

The algorithm again today was great although some were early
it was easy to see where the market was going to potentially
reverse using our times. All the times today were reversals as opposed
to continuations  .

it's easy to see how the potential turns our algorithm predicts are
so useful know in conjunction with normal indicators .
When the turns come early as we advised you know to expect it so if
the market is going up or down and indicators are suggesting
a turn then you know with a high probability that the market may turn

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