Sunday, February 15, 2015

Friday 13th Results SP500 Emini Futures Market Map


 Here are the results for Friday
13th Febuary 2015 For the Potential
Turn Acceleration Points
For the S and P 500 Emini Futures
today there was a potential of over 38 points

it was a more quiet day than expected
perhaps due to the weekend but the turn
and acceleration times were pretty much
still on track

traders wonder why sometimes we list
potential gains as plus 2 or 3 when the
market dropped or climbed more

we list only gains of more than 2 pts
and mark anything else as flat
as regards bigger moves we are
assuming a stop of 2 to 3 points
and if it goes beyond that in the opposite
direction to the one we want we stop it

people trading binary options sometimes trade
differently and maybe not use any sort of stop
so results would be different

the one thing to remember overall is if
there is no movement in the direction you
want and confirmed by your indicators
then don't jump into the trade.

use common sense , caution and your
indicators and it will help you win more than
you lose
to get our potential turn and acceleration points
timetable for the day go to
thank you