Monday, February 2, 2015

Results Of potential turn or acceleration times for Monday 2nd feb 2015


 here are the results of the predicted
turn or acceleration times for Monday
2nd febuary 2015 for the S and P 500
Emini futures
We sent these to our subscribers last night

As you can see from our slides there was
again a massive potential of over 103 points today
that was allowing for two times which would
have resulted in being stopped out for -3 and - 3
so - 6 points.

As we have said not all the times work out but
the majority of them seem to do regularly

the great thing about having this timetable of the
potential times is firstly you don't have to take
every time and secondly even if one does not
quite work out there are plenty more oppourtunites
that present themselves

we normally don't comment on directions overall but
last night we saw that the algorithm was showing
some very big potential one sided movements in opposite
directions and indeed that did happen

at the open there would have been a massive 22pts
and then 2 turn ups for another 22 points

from our 1840 pm time it turned at 1850 and
including the next 3 turn or acceleration points
there was potential for another 38 points

thats huge and we only count points as far
as they may be stopped out . Some people amy
stay in longer based on their own preferences

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potential turn or acceleration times or a timetable
for what the market may do tomorrow
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