Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Signal Alerts Results For 13th January testing Binary Algorithm


 Hi Here Are the results
for the 13th January 2015
for the potential turn or acceleration
points we posted last night in advance of
the market today. Check out the video
Please note we have worked on various algorithms since the year 2000 and this is the best version so far that we will be making availible to experienced traders soon.
The potential points gained from today could
have been over 89 points that makes a total of
plus 200 points at least in just 3 days
We are not even counting the rest of last week
or the Sept , October, November and December calls
we made to our newsletter list previously.

The figures are astounding .  Our Algorithm could be your new best friend
if you trade the markets whether that be normal points trading, binary options
or spread betting as it calculates the potential turn or acceleration
times for tomorrows market in advance .

These are times where based on a very complex set of calculations the
algorithm singles out high potential balance points , which may be a complete
or partial reversal of the market or an acceleration from a sideways market or flat

These times are known up to 24 hours before so it is known before starting the day / nights

trading the times to look out for where it may happen. Not only is this incredible and

outstanding but it also might change the way you trade as you can pick or choose times to
suit yourself and not have to sit and watch a computer screen all day.

these are not used on their own, they are used with other indicators to confirm or deny
an entry and or exit point .
We will only be sending these in the near future to subscribers only so please email us
if you want to be included, thank you