Monday, January 12, 2015

Potential Turn Times For the Emini Futures 13th January 2015 Alerts Signals


 Hi here are the potential
turn times
for the S and P 500 Emini Futures
For Tomorrow The 13th Of January 2015

these include of course tonights turn times for the
overnight session as well 
they are 1.12am     3am     4.12am     4.28am    6.29am     7.12am     7.32am     9am     10.32 am     13.32 pm     13.52 pm     and 15.00 pm

as before please note that these are to demonstrate how our algorithm
can calculate in advance where the market may turn tomorrow
and these are provided for your entertainment and educational purposes only they should

not be traded.

All our videos are timestamped at the time they are uploaded and also shared on
twitter and our blog so you can verify they are posted the night before.

pretty soon we will not be posting these here and only
sharing the turns with our subscribers

if you are interested in receiving these please email us.

we are not joking when we say that once we are limiting the amount of subscribers
as too many people making the same trade would not be good for the market
we are trying to predict and profit from .

if you check our other videos on our channel you will see that
the amount of potential points in the last few days is outstanding

please note all the times posted are New York Time or EST

thank you