Tuesday, January 6, 2015

results 6th january for Binary options signals and spread betting alert ...


Here are the results of our turn times or acceleration points
for the s and p emini futures for the 6th of January 2015

Today was an outstanding day where
any one can see just how helpful it is to know
where the market may turn or accelerate

there were some huge moves today
and a lot of points to be had
have a look through the slides for yourself

Remember all these times are posted the night before
so it is known well in advance where the market might
turn or accelerate.

Our algorithm calculates these for you

these are not a standalone indicator and can be used
along with your other indicators to confirm a turn

they can also help you get in or out of the market

this is not trading advice and we are providing these
only for educational and entertainment purposes to
we don't recomend you use these for live trading and any use is at your own risk

We are showing you how powerful our algorithm is at generating intraday trading
signals and alerts for possible future use in binary options trading
cfd trading or spread betting on the emini futures

thank you