Monday, January 5, 2015

6th January 2015 Trading Alerts Simulation test


 Here are the potential turn or acceleration points
for the S and P 500 Emini Futures
On January 6th 2015

The Overnight or Globex session
looks like it might again make some big moves
or accelerations before market opening
so if you were in the market today you should
use extra caution with all the turns today
as there is an even higher chance of whipsaws
the potential points in the overnight are
120 am   320 am  4 am  558 am and  7am

During the day session the potential times are 940 am
10 am  1235 pm   1350pm  and  320 pm

Please remember you don't have to use all the potential turn times
you can choose to only enter at one of the times when your other
indicators are suggesting it will turn or accelerate .

One other great thing about these points is that when you are already in a
profitable trade you can use caution and even cash out with profits
at the times where the market may turn

Lots of traders find this invaluable . Equally so when a trade is taken on a turn
you can get out before the next one just to be safe.
The descriptions above are in a hypotetical situation if you were trading the markets.
The points and times we provide are not to be used for live trading and only for demo or play trading
they are not investment advice or live signals for trading binary options or any other markets
and are provided only for your entertainment and educational purposes.