Sunday, January 11, 2015

Monday 12th Jan 2015 Test Alerts For Auto Binary options trading Robot S...


 Here are the potential
turn or acceleration points for
Monday January 12th 2015
for the S and P 500 Emini Futures

As always these are provided for your
entertainment and educational purposes only
and should not be traded
Any use of these times is entirely at your own risk

Again as shown before the lack of a lot of times
in the overnight session is suggesting that there may
be a lot of straight moves in the night session

at market open it looks like it is going to be quite wild
with a lot of back and forth

please remember that its not neccessary to use every potential turn
or acceleration point nor do they all work all the time

our algorithm calculates where the best times for the upcoming day
some of these points may turn only a little maybe just 2 to 3 points whereas
others will go for multiple points as in the case of Friday plus 15 points and more
at times .

Also note theses are also potential acceleration points and not always turns for example
the market may be going sideways for a while until you hit one of these times where
all of a sudden it will just take off in one direction or another and
break out of the range trading it was in .

thank you
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