Sunday, January 11, 2015

Friday 9th January results Of Test Signals and Alerts Emini Futures


 Hi here the
the results of the
potential turn or
acceleration times for
Friday Jauary 9th 2015

Remember these are posted
up to 12 hours the night before
after being calculated
by our algorithm

As you can see again the results
are outstanding . A lot of the turns
often produce 2 to 3 points several times
during the day which add up to multiple points

it also more often than not catches the big turns
as in the case of today

as much as 71 points today from the times posted would have been possible
This market is the S and P 500 Emini Futures
but since a lot of markets are correlated sometimes
you may find the turns are very similar
in the forex euro usd gbp pound aus dollar or other markets

our algorithm monitors the money flow in the markets
and where it is most likely to turn based o a complex set of
mathematics and price modelling
These could be useful in the future for trading binary options or
spread betting and currently we are building the infrastructure
to provide live signals as well as alerts for interested clients

if you are interested in receiving signals in the future please email us
through our channel here.
Thank you

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