Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Trade Station daily Report 10th August S&P 500 Emini Futures

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Trade Station daily Report 10th August S&P 500 Emini Futures.Free Binary Options Signals. Check out as well as sign up to Sceeto for free real time trading signals/alerts which once you use them you'll wonder how you ever traded without them. Sceeto is probably the worlds most adavanced set of indicators. We are sure you've seen nothing like them before. The benign view is that in competitive markets, the payments that brokers receive for selling uninformed order flow reduce commissions for retail investors so that the retail investors are no worse off.[3] Payment for order flow may also allow smaller trading venues to compete more effectively with the NYSE.[8] A more negative view is that exchanges and other market-makers who pay for order flow reduce liquidity on exchanges that do not pay for order flow and thus increase the bid/ask spread. This means that traders whose orders do not receive payment bear the cost to their detriment.[9][10] Joel Seligman has noted that "Few practices are more likely to subvert quote competition" than payment for order flow.[8] John C. Coffee has described it as a "bribe".[11] He notes, however, that the SEC permits the practice because it sustained competitors to the NYSE and reduces the likelihood that NYSE specialists will obtain monopoly power.[12]
[edit] LegalityIn the U.S., accepting payment for order flow is only allowed if no other trading venue is quoting a better price on the National Market System. Moreover, the broker must inform its client in writing that it accepts payment for order flow: 1) upon the opening of the brokerage account, 2) on an ongoing annual basis, and 3) on trade confirmations.[13][14][15]