Wednesday, August 15, 2012

NinjaTrader daily Report 9th August Crude Oil Futures

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Retail foreign exchange trading is a small segment of the large foreign exchange market. In 2007 it had been speculated that volume from retail foreign exchange trading represents 5 percent of the whole foreign exchange market which amounts to $50–100 billion[1][2] in daily trading turnover. The retail foreign exchange market has been growing. In general retail customers are able to trade spot currencies. Due to the increasing tendency in the past years of the gradual shift from traditional intrabank 'paper' trading to the more advanced and accurate electronic trading, there has been spur in software development in this field. This change provided different types of trading platforms and tools intended for the use by banks, portfolio managers, retail brokers and retail traders.
One of the most important tools required to perform a foreign exchange transaction is the trading platform providing retail traders and brokers with accurate currency quotes.
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1 History and new developments
2 Peer-to-peer trading systems
3 Banks
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