Saturday, June 16, 2012

Sceeto WOW Index Day Trading Order Flow Momentum

If you trade the S&P 500 Emini Futures, or trade the Nasdaq, Dow Jones, Rusell mini futures, or if you trade Forex and Crude Oil you need to check out for one of the worlds most advanced indicators. A no obligation Free Trial is

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Never fight the tape again. Check out for the most advanced real time indicators period. Helping you win more trades. Algo Futures predicates its work on the simple philosophy that:
1. Changes in Price are always a function of changes in Supply & Demand - regardless of the market
2. The best way to evaluate changes in Supply and Demand in the stock and futures markets is to monitor Order Flow
Algo Futures focuses on creating algorithms that monitor and interpret Order Flow for the purpose of harvesting real-time trading opportunities that either piggy-back Institutional, High-Frequency and Prop Desk trading campaigns, or enter into trades where the lack of order flow creates price vacuums - which are the underpinnings of short-term reversals.
The WOW Index is generated by our algorithms which monitor and interpret Order Flow Heat in the e-mini S&P 500, Crude Oil, Dow 30, and STOXX 50 futures contract.
For all trades - Never fight the Tape - Align your trades with those that drive the market by trading in the direction of the dominant program trades - which are visualized in real-time on the WOW Index Monitor.
If you see consistent green across the trading day, do not go short. It will only cause you pain. Conversely, this does not mean that if the day is all green, you can jump in at any point. But it does give an indication that you should be looking for long entries only.