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sceeto WIND - Order Flow Monitoring and trading order flow

If you trade the S&P 500 Emini Futures, or trade the Nasdaq, Dow Jones, Rusell mini futures, or if you trade Forex and Crude Oil you need to check out for one of the worlds most advanced indicators. A no obligation Free Trial is

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You should sign up for a free trial of Sceetos realtime indicators suitable for Binary Options spreadbetting or any other type of stock market trading at you'll be glad you did.Please also check out for a free demonstration of "Wind" our real time trend indicator for the Emini futures which quite often catches big moves before they happen
and also quite often catches the overall trend for the entire day not just shortterm.These days Robots control the market so market sentiment isn't as important as before.The big banks have advanced computer sytems or robot traders set to buy and sell at certain levels throughout the day. This tye of trading is often called high frequency trading or hft trading as well as program trading and these are the trades that move the market. Technical anaylsis, sentiment trends are all becoming less and less important as program trading accounts for almost 75 to 80% of all the daily trades on the US stock market as well as other world markets each day. So someday it looks like the bulls are in control. Other days it looks like the bears are in control. Don't be fooled it's the robots that are in control. Pure and simple. Sceeto has the most advanced realtime indicators anywhere that monitor hft or program trading as well as order flow and the movement of the market in real time. It's advanced indicators can catch moves and trends before they happen not afterwards.below is an old article about market sentiment courtesy of wikepedia and is public domain.Market sentiment is the general prevailing attitude of investors as to anticipated price development in a market. This attitude is the accumulation of a variety of fundamental and technical factors, including price history,economic reports,seasonal factors, and national and world events.For example, if investors expect upward price movement in the stock market, the sentiment is said to be bullish. On the contrary, if the market sentiment is bearish, most investors expect downward price movement.Market sentiment is monitored with a variety of technical and statistical methods such as the number of advancing versus declining stocks and new highs versus new lows comparisons. A large share of overall movement of an individual stock has been attributed to market sentiment[1] The stock market's demonstration of the situation is often described as all boats float or sink with the tide, in the popular Wall Street phrase "the trend is your friend".Bear and Bull, Reinhard Dachlauer, Frankfurt Market sentiment, as such, might be acquired from more than one sentiment analytical tool. For example there could be just simple extraction of movement on stock exchange and validly called market sentiment. Another tool is to extract the news and media information based on their polarity. Yet another sub-subject might be community sentiment about the market movements (blogs, forums).In the last decade, investors are also known to measure market sentiment through the use of news analytics, which include sentiment analysis on textual stories about companies and sectors. Sentiment trading is gaining traction as a methodology through proponents of its charting