Sunday, February 22, 2015

Wensday 18th Feb 2015 Emini Futures Alerts

Here are the results of the
potential turn or acceleration
points for Wensday 18th feb 2015
for the S and P 500 Emini futures
that we sent to our subscribers the
night before trading

Today again there would have been a total
potential of over 51 points using these gains.
overnight would have been aprox 11 with the
rest coming from 12 mid day onwards gmt time
there was a lot of back and forth today
but the algorithm and the times
caught the turns very well

as you know the turns or accelerations can be
ten minutes early or late and today
2 of the turns came early

a lot of people wonder how to know , well
it is fairly straightforward
if the market is going up or down in the previous
few bars or even sometimes bar and a the next turn is approaching
then we would be looking for a reversal or turn the opposite way
if the market indeed starts to do this early we can have more
confidence that a turn is underway
if not and there is no sign of one then
we either enter in the direction it was going
already or wait until the next potential time
there are plenty of potential times

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