Thursday, January 8, 2015

8th January 2015 Results Of test trading Signals


Potential 29 points plus possible today from turns and accelerations, thats not including the 20 point rally that was there
the 29 points would have been from the times as outlined last night
Here are the results
of the potential turn times
given yesterday for the
emini futures on January 8th

Again as you can see
our algorithm is
excellent at finding the
high probability turn
or acceleration times in
the market

it is very good especially when
a market
is going sideways or trading in
a small range
to know these times as thats often
when the market will
break out of the range

we do not try
to calculate every turn although
it may be possible
instead our algorithm uses
a complex set of matematics
and formula to pinpoint the
times where the turns may happen