Tuesday, December 4, 2012

How To Trade In Todays High Frequency Dominated Markets Daily Report 3rd...

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We are having training sessions for advanced traders only next week.
Session 01 | Thursday - December 13th | 10:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m. EST

Session 02 | Tuesday - December 18th | 10:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m. EST

Students should:
Have 6+ months of active screen time.
Fluent in Technical Analysis
Fluent Trade Management
Comfortable with their trading platform setup
What this webinar is not:
This course is not your usual Technical Analysis course.
This course is not about walking you through a few ‘setups’.
This course is not for newbies.
This is not your Auntie’s stale, regurgitated Technical Analysis course.
What this webinar is:
This webinar is about teaching traders how to deal with today’s markets - which are dominated by Trading Bots.

This webinar is about Tape Reading...Modern Tape Reading.

The markets have changed since the days of yore.  Standard Technical Analysis simply does not work when the Trading Bots are flinging the market around.

This webinar is about exposing you to the possibility of Following The Bots.

This webinar is about exploiting the Achilles Heel of the Trading Bots and the Quant\Hedge\HFT community.

As Day Traders we will never be able to compete with execution speed and massive trading resources of Goldman Sachs, or Citadel, or Renaissance Technologies, or UBS, and know what they are about to do or why – but…we can follow their footprints and piggy-back their trades.

We can latch onto their thrust, which is the force that drives short-term price moves.

…this is what this webinar is about.



Overview of current market realities
Overview of analysis methodology (Top Down Approach)
Approach customized for each trader
Personality Type (Trending, Range, Breakout, Reversal)
Duration of Trade (In price not time)
Scalp (1-4 ticks)
Quickie (4-8 ticks)
Intra-Day Swing (2-8 points)
Amount of Trading Capital
Level of experience
Amount of time available for trading
Ability to program and\or acquire programming resources
Trading Bots & Order Flow
How to incorporate Trading Bot Activity & Order Flow into your current methodologies
Defining what is the ‘market’
Different markets à Different Order Flows & Personalities
Understanding the relevance of the Time of Day
Understanding the relevance of the current market personality
Knowing the current market map (Support & Resistance)
Understanding what is the current order flow & how to read it
Review of Order Flow Algorithms (MacDaddy, WIND, Order Flow Monitor, Tape Meter)
Understanding nuances between Institutional & Retail Order Flow
Understanding when the buying or selling resumes
Understanding Trading Bot Battle & Rotation
Psychology & Tactics
Modern Tape Reading Insights
The Laws of Order Flow