Sunday, October 14, 2012

The Bots Are In Control Forex Euro USD 6E 10th Oct 2012 Daily Report

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Most technical analysis software includes a library of de-facto standard indicators (e.g. moving averages and MACD). Some software will also provide a mean to customize, combine or create new indicators. This is typically achieved with a proprietary scripting or graphical language.
[edit]Data feed
Technical analysis software is typically used with end of day (EOD), delayed or real time data feeds. EOD data feeds provide the end of day closing price for the given equity and is typically updated once a day at market close. Delayed data is typically delayed 15 to 30 minutes depending on the exchange and is the most commonly used data feed type.[citation needed] Real time data feeds provide tick by tick 'real time' data. Real time data is licensed on a per-exchange basis whereas delayed data is typically purchased on a regional basis, such as US markets, rather than an exchange basis.[citation needed]
[edit]Broker interface
Some technical analysis software can be integrated with brokerage platforms to enable traders to place trades via a user interface that they are familiar with. Typically these software providers try to differentiate themselves from the brokerage software through enhanced features such as automated trading.

Technical analysis software is available in the form of commercial or open source software. Such software may be available on a computer, or on a mobile phone or personal digital assistant (PDA). Mobile phones and PDAs allow a user to access online technical analysis packages when away from their computer. However, packages that require the use of Java applets may not work on older model mobile phones or PDAs. Online technical analysis software packages provide access from any Internet-connected computer (including a suitably equipped mobile or PDA), but may require the user to store their information with the provider. Installed, downloaded software will only be available on the computers that the user has downloaded and installed it on.Fundamental analysis of a business involves analyzing its financial statements and health, its management and competitive advantages, and its competitors and markets. When applied to futures and forex, it focuses on the overall state of the economy, interest rates, production, earnings, and management. When analyzing a stock, futures contract, or currency using fundamental analysis there are two basic approaches one can use; bottom up analysis and top down analysis.[1] The term is used to distinguish such analysis from other types of investment analysis, such as quantitative analysis and technical analysis.
Fundamental analysis is performed on historical and present data, but with the goal of making financial forecasts. There are several possible objectives:
to conduct a company stock valuation and predict its probable price evolution,
to make a projection on its business performance,
to evaluate its management and make internal business decisions,
to calculate its credit risk.  links to our July Charts  August charts   here are links to more September charts  October charts