Monday, October 22, 2012

Number 1 TradeStation Indicator Russell daily report 22nd oct 2012

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TradeStation Securities (TradeStation) is an online brokerage company based in Plantation, Florida. Best known for it's TradeStation analysis software and electronic trading platform which it provides to active trader and certain institutional trader markets. The TradeStation platform features electronic order execution and enables clients to design, test, optimize, monitor, and automate their own custom equities, options, futures and forex trading strategies.[4][5]The TradeStation analysis and trading platform is a professional electronic trading platform for financial market traders. It provides extensive functionality for receiving real-time data, displaying charts, enter orders and manage outstanding orders and market positions.[6]
Although it comes with a large number of pre-defined indicators, strategy components, and analysis tools, individuals can modify and customize existing indicators and strategies as well as display their own using TradeStation’s proprietary object- oriented EasyLanguage programming language. Traders can also access thousands of software trading products created by independent EasyLanguage developers through TradeStation Strategy Network, as well as access a collection of strategy trading ideas submitted by the TradeStation community in the EasyLanguage Library.
TradeStation supports the development, testing, optimizing, and automation of all aspects of trading. Trading strategies can be back-tested and refined against historical data[7] before being turned on and traded "live." TradeStation can either be used as a research and testing tool or as a trading platform with TradeStation Securities acting as the broke  links to our July Charts  August charts   here are links to more September charts  October charts Binary options