Sunday, September 16, 2012

Program Trading Live Trades Daily Report 12th Sept 2012 Crude Oil Futures

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Trading on binary option platforms can be done with little to no knowledge of the stock market. An investor will only need to choose whether the price of some asset (underlying asset) will be higher (in the case of a call option) or lower (in the case of a put option) at the option's expiration. Binary options are offered for a time period of 60 minutes or less and are traded until 10 minutes before expiry.
Once a trader places a trade he sets the spot price of the underlying asset as the strike price for the option. From that moment on, if the price of the underlying asset increases and closes above this strike price by even as much as one pip the option will expire in the money (for call option). If the price of the underlying asset hasn’t changed at expiry, the investor receives his money back.
As opposed to exchange-traded binary options providers such as American Stock Exchange (Amex) or Chicago Board Options Exchange (CBOE), the binary options platforms do not charge any direct fees from investors buying an option. The profit to investor from an option that expires in the money will usually be between 61% to 85% on the initial investment (depending on the underlying asset). In case of expiry out of the money the investor will get a rebate of between 0% and 15% on his investment. In most platforms there is a minimum amount for investment, starting from as low as $10.
A trader believes that McDonald’s stock (NYSE:MCD) will close above the current (spot) price of $74.93 by the end of the hour. The trader can invest $100 in McDonald’s binary call option on that outcome. If his prediction is correct his payout is $170 (70% profit). If he is incorrect and the stock closes below the strike price he loses 85% of his investment (gets a rebate of $15).
Another common form of binary option that is traded is a touch/no-touch, also called one-touch binary option. In one-touch binary option, if the price of Google's stock (NASDAQ:GOOG) is at $495 and a trader predicts that the stock will "touch" the $500 mark during the trading period he can buy a one-touch option. Once the stock's value "touches" the $500 mark, the trader would immediately earn a 60%-70% gain. If the stock doesn't touch the predicted range by the end of the trading period, the trader looses 85% to 100% of the investment.