Thursday, August 2, 2012

Tradestation Indicators - Daily Report 1st August 2012 S&P 500 Emini Fut...

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    2012 - TradeStation named "Best" in six categories in Stocks & Commodities Readers' Choice Awards
    TradeStation earns highest overall ranking – 4 ½ stars – in Barron’s review of online brokers

    2011 - Barron’s ranks TradeStation “Best Online Broker”.
    TradeStation launches TradeStation Forex
    TradeStation Group acquired by Monex Group
    TradeStation launches new innovative website.
    TradeStation Group acquires IBFX Holdings, LLC

    2010 - In 2010, TradeStation reports revenue of $129.0 million and a net income of $11.4 million
    TradeStation reports client assets in excess of $2.3 billion as of December 31, 2010
    Over 47,000 brokerage accounts opened as of December 31, 2010
    Launch of TradeStation 9.0
    Launch of Eurex execution

    2009 - TradeStation named "Best" in seven categories in Stocks & Commodities magazine's Readers' Choice Awards. Begin launch of TradeStation Prime Services in September 2009

    2008 - Ranked #46 by Fortune small business magazine — Fastest-Growing Small Public Companies

    2007 - Fundamental data incorporated into historical database for strategy testing. Integrated direct-access Forex execution launched.

    2006 - TradeStation Europe Limited receives approval from the FSA (UK) as an introducing broker.

    2005 - The company commences self-clearing of options trades for active traders

    2004 - Company launches TradeStation 8, which includes direct-access electronic execution of options trades.

    2003 - TradeStation Securities launches forex analytics and execution services.

    2003 - Company launches TradeStation 7, which includes direct-access electronic execution of futures trades.

    2001 - Company launches TradeStation 6 for institutional and active traders, which combines for the first time custom strategy design and testing, automated trading and intelligent direct-access execution of stock trades.

    2001 - Nasdaq trading symbol for the company's publicly-traded common stock is changed from OMGA to TRAD.

    2000 - TradeStation Securities (then under a different name), a direct-access securities brokerage, is acquired.

    2000 - TradeStation 6, the Internet-based trading platform that is to serve as the foundation of the company's intelligent direct-access brokerage service, is launched.

    2000 -, the company's first Internet-based charting and analytics service, is launched.

    1999 - Window On WallStreet is acquired.

    1999 - RadarScreen, a software application that enables traders to scan up to thousands of securities to identify buy and sell opportunities based on the trader's criteria, is launched.

    1997 - Initial public offering.

    1996 - OptionStation, an options trading analytics product that enables traders to explore complex trading strategies, is launched.

    1996 - TradeStation premium service is launched by Telerate, Inc.

    1994 - Dow Jones Telerate, Inc. agrees to offer TradeStation as a premium service to its institutional customers worldwide.

    1992 - SuperCharts, a state-of-the-art charting and analytics software application, is launched.

    1991 - TradeStation, the company's flagship product, is launched.

    1989 - System Writer, a sophisticated trading strategy software application, is launched.

    1982 - Company is formed under the name Omega Research, Inc.