Saturday, July 14, 2012

Daily Report 10th July Crude Oil Futures - Trading Software

If you trade the S&P 500 Emini Futures, or trade the Nasdaq, Dow Jones, Rusell mini futures, or if you trade Forex and Crude Oil you need to check out for one of the worlds most advanced indicators. A no obligation Free Trial is

Daily Report 10th July Crude Oil Futures  - Trading Software. Real Time Alerts Spread Betting Signals.Please make sure to sign up for free signals by taking a trial at . Please also check out for monitoring Emini trend free. Sceeto is a set of real time indicators that monitor the order flow or buy sell flow orders coming in and out of the markets meaning you get a real time signal or alert as to the way the big companies, trading houses and banks are trading before the price and momentum change so you can jump on moves a lot earlier than other day traders giving you a distinct adavantage over every one else.Sceeto is probably the best trading software out there.
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Who uses direct access trading?Direct access trading is primarily for self-helped and active traders who value speed of execution and try hard to minimize costs and slippage. Also they get to take care of themselves and make trade decisions on their own (without the help of brokers or advisors). These people typically include: traders - they trade a lot per trading day. Direct access brokers can give them front-end trading software and platforms and offer deep discounts on commissions and brokerage fees.
2.scalpers - they trade in a large volume for small gains. Slow execution may kill profits, and even incur losses.
3.momentum (event-based) traders - their trading decisions based on news or incidents happened in normal trading days. When the news breaks out, the market will usually become very volatile. They need lightning fast execution to enable them to grasp these opportunities; the difference between success or failure may be determined in just a second. A delay of seconds to minutes, as is common in traditional online trading, would therefore not be acceptable to such traders.
4.momentum (technical-based) day or swing traders - they trade on high momentum stocks, in which it has high volatility. They need their orders executed lightning fast, and may need to get out quickly if the market goes against them.
Direct access trading is not typically for:
1.(long-term) investors - slippage is important to frequent traders, but it amounts to only a dollar or so for each trade. They hold a position for a long time. Each trade may earn them substantial profits to cover those small slippage losses. Some direct-access brokers charge inactivity and platform fees. These costs may not justify direct access trading for long-term investors.
2.novice traders - Direct-access trading typically requires experience and knowledge.
3.inactive traders