Friday, June 15, 2012

2nd May 2012 Emini Daily Report Free Binary Options Signals

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Daily report for 2nd of May 2012 for S&P Futures Emini contracts. Early on today Wind was indicating almost solid Red so you could know with high probability there was going to be a further mve downward. In conjunction with the order flow monitor alerts on screen as well as Macdaddy the middle indicator the move up was also caught. Remember these indicators are real time indicators and some moves are caught before they happen as Momentum lags price and price lags order flow so once you can see the order flow you are already ahead of the game.You can get free signals by signing up for a free trial. These are perfect for trading binary options or spreadbetting or normal points based trading systems. Sceeto helps you win more trades plain and simple.You can get a free trial to Sceeto by visting use promo code save35 to get a discount when you sign up. You can also monitor WIND free at