Sunday, February 22, 2015

20th Feb 2015 Emini Futures trading


 Here are the results of the
potential turn or acceleration
points for Friday 20th january 2015

Overnight was fairly quiet with
some nice modest gains of aprox 11points
up unti 11.24am when the market started
to come to life.
Already by our first pivot point at 3pm
there was another further 16points from turns
and accelerations with 8 more points
gained soon after.
After this the times were excellent again as always
with another 22 points
making the total potential from the times we sent
to subscribers over 54 points

please note we advise subscribers where we expect the main pivots for the day to be as well as advise on the
other potential turn points
knowing where they are is invaluable for sure

If you would like to get these times yourself please
subscribe at www dot Win More Trades dot Com

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